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ShannaShanna's innovative approach to becoming physically and mentally fit, maintaining a healthy physique the way you want, and building phenomenal fitness. Experts tell us that cardio, strength training, stretching, and good nutrition are all essential ingredients for a healthy body and mind. Why not take that one step further? Regardless of age, level and experience, let's have fun with Shanna's creative fitness programs!
  • Lose weight, burn calories, and blast fat in a fabulously fun and affordable Cardio Dance Fitness class. As the minutes fly by, enjoy fantastic music and new dance moves.

  • Elongate muscles, build core strength and perfect your posture! Enjoy the harmonious balance of mind and body as Shanna takes you through a series of powerful poses, flows, balancing postures and abdominals in her Sport Yoga class.

  • Shanna's ClassIndulge yourself in the greatest workout of all. Make your dancing dreams a reality! Dance ballroom for fun, fitness, stress relief, passion, excitement, and more. Dancing isn't just for those you see on some of TV's most popular shows, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars. Dancing is easy, fun, glamorous, and something everyone at any age can do.

Shanna will enable you to feel stronger, sexier, happier and healthier in no time. Get started today!

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Phone: (858) 349-6388

Shanna is available in San Diego at a variety of locations, Monday thru Saturday for coaching, private and group sessions, and consulting.

  • private in-studio sessions
  • group in-studio classes
  • private sessions at your residence
  • group classes and parties at your residence

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